Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not alot of time to craft in the last week. Some sock progress was made, with one sock done and the other started. I also started a pair of self striping plain socks to keep in the car.

I did make an interesting acquisition this week, a 3D printed spindle from Turtle Made, an Etsy shop I saw advertised on the Must Stash podcast. You can pick the color and style and there were lots of choices. Shipping was really fast as this came from the East coast and I got it in 4 business days - I can't wait to spin on it!
and I want to record my other Christmas purchases. The first bought at the Simply Sock yarn sale - sorry they are all sold out-
Isn't it gorgeous! 500 yards, enough to make a large cowl or scarf, something fun.
And this surprise lovely of Ebay, opeing bid was $11 so I bid, not expecting to win of course, but I did!  It is a hand dye on a sparkle base, my first sprakley sock yarn. It will probably be my next cast on as I have joined several sock KALs on Ravelry, in one you have to use a yarn with red in it so I think this will qualify. Hopefully the KALs will help me stay motivated.

I know I will lose some mojo come the beginning of summer. I live on an acre and I do most of the work, the yard will need alot of attention in the spring once it starts growing again and the garden will need to be prepared and put in. Blackberries grow like weeds here and the are taking over the hillside so there is ton of cutting back to be done - a major pain. And inside I need to paint 3 rooms. It will be a busy summer for me. Anyway, sparkle sock yarn-

No progress made on the quilting front, I really need to pick a quilt top and pin it in prep for the quilting stage but I think the pinning is my least favorite part of the quilt process so I put it off. My calendar shows a couple of days next week where the family will be busy and I should have some evening time to quilt so I pushed it until then. But, I do have another Flourishes block to show:

Yea, gotta figure out the picture orientation thing. I flipped this right side up in Picassa but it isn't loading right side up.

Until next week, Happy Crafting!

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