Thursday, March 26, 2015

This month has been a little on the slow side because I interjected another project into the mix. But first, more picks of my applique blocks. And before anyone asks no I did not do any of these in the last month, I am just catching up on the blocks hoping to motivate myself to complete this monstrosity of a quilt.

I have 10 done, each is 16.5 inches and is set on point in the quilt. I always cut my background squares a little large so these need to be cut down a bit.  Applique always shifts a bit, doesn't lie like you want it or warps a bit so hence the larger backgrounds.

Now on to the other project.....

I am redecorating and painting my craft room. It was just a boring room with shelves and a table and cream walls, but now.....

The garage shelves which are metal with particle board shelves got curtains and the tops got painted white. I found some awesome deals at Ross which included these 2 bulletin boards with beautiful black frames. The clipboards have patterns I REALLY want to make to keep them in the forefront of my mind. The walls have been freshened with a crisp white paint as well.

The window got a new valance and I am getting some white 2 inch wood blinds for the window, I may get some sheers to hang there as well.

Close up of another pair awesome Ross finds:
The black board contains inspirational quotes and scripture and this super-cool shelf thingy has a dozen or so skeins of sock yarn.They are not all destined for socks though, many are going to be cowls or scarves.

Yet to come is a shelf to go over the bulletin boards and some other accents. I have a collection of teddy bears I need to display.  These are all small bears, like the ones pictured above, gathered on trips. I write the trip the bear was acquired on as well as the date on the tag. Then these little friends are going up on the shelf. I also may do a little stenciling or paint a bright green stripe on the wall, we will see.

Until next time!