Friday, February 20, 2015

Where has February gone?

Boy, it seems like I just completed my last post but it has been nearly a month!

 I do have a picture of my January socks completed. They have been worn a couple of times  and are really comfy. They have been posted in Ravelry in a couple of the "personal sock challenges" going on. Two Tangled Skeins is doing a pair of socks a month challenge and then there are a couple of groups that always have ongoing challenges like SockKnitters Anonymous.  And, drum roll please, the February socks are nearly complete, just some knitting to do to get to the toe decreases on one left so I am optimistic that they will actually get done in February.

These are my simple sock pattern. 2x2 rib with the ribbing extended on the top of the sock until the toe decreases.  This is a Wisdom Yarns colorway Miami. This is a commercial yarn and feels a little more scratchy than the hand dyed yarns I have been using but I loved the colors so I figured I would give it a try.

Here is my sock yarn knitting bag that my lovely socks reside in. Made from stash!

 And this is the next installment on the BOM, i love the scrappiness of it. This actually look a little better in a photo - each block is 16 inches square so they are actually rather large and it is kind of hard to get a good perspective on them.  It will make for a massive quilt (what was I thinking!) because not only are the blocks large, they are set on point.
And finally, a few more blocks have been made for the Civil War reproduction quilt with no name. I just loved these triple nine patch blocks in another quilt and decided to make a bunch out of reproduction. So far I have 70 blocks with no repeats. Wow, that is a lot of fat Quarters! This quilt just keeps growing but these blocks are small at 6 1/2 inches. The layout has not yet been finalized and I think I will play around with it a bit, take some photos and see which I like best. I do plan on a simple border for this though. Something busier, maybe stripes?

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