Saturday, May 28, 2011

Plodding along....

Things have been rather slow here on the quilting front. I finished my Medical Transcription course (finally), Hubby changed jobs (yeah) and is now home more so we have been working on our acre getting it ready for summer, so as I said quilty stuff has been going slow. But I was able to squeeze in a trip to my local quilt guild's show and have a few pictures to share.

This beauty was really unusual. The blocks where made ages ago and bought by the quilter recently. She added the border and she and her small group hand quilted it. It is really lovely and has a very modern despite the fact that these blocks were made at least 40 years ago.

And this quilt was hand pieced! I measured them, each of those little squares is 3/4 finished, looks like insanity and quilting go hand in hand! And yes, it was hand quilted also.

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  1. Hi, looking forward to being your partner this month! I will be working on your block soon:)