Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Lost my Eyeballs!!! and I won....

I know, what a crazy title huh?!? but that is how I feel. Summer was supposed to be quiet and peaceful, but as evidenced by my lack of blog posts it wasn't! It was 2 weeks to get caught up and then a week or two of company or travel. I had a total of 28 days of family visiting and 18 days of traveling. There was a camping trip, Disneyland, a wedding and NO QUILTING! (Breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth) I think I am having major withdrawals. I managed to get the blocks done for my online block exchange but that is it. Summer only lasted 65 days. Bummer.

Boy, when I was a kid summer lasted FOREVER and I couldn't wait for school to start. This fall I was sad to send my kiddo off. At least I have the great giant beast aka Macie (who is turning out to be a really good dog). After an hour a day of training all summer she can sit, stay, heel, fetch, doesn't bolt out the door the instant it opens, no longer jumps on people, and only ran off twice this month. That is a long way from the dog I found climbing on the dining room table! 

So, back to the title, I have been up to my eyeballs and somewhere along the way they floated off! I am sure of it. They where right here one moment and the next "poof" gone. On the other hand, I WON!!! I can't believe it! Moda is doing a Moda Blog Hop Country Fair and I won a prize from Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill designs.

Isn't it awesome! When she said she was giving away bags of scraps I thought a small bag of scraps, cool. But the bag is BIG! (I put the iron in so you could get an idea of how big it is.) There are enough scraps for a whole quilt!  Thank you Ann! It is a bunch of greys and blues and pinks from her Lily and Will collection. I am thinking I need to make some sort of bag with it so I can always remember this. And a quilt........OH and I found my eyeballs.

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  1. Time spent training a dog is never wasted. I think everyone is happier, even the dog. Glad you had a good summer. I remember how sad I was to send my kids back to school at the end.