Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quilting is back in full swing.

My small group frequently gets together and agrees on a challenge or 2, or 3. The first challenge of 2011 is a scrap quilt made entirely from stash. And since I need another project likea whole in the head I jumped right in. I only have about a bazillion projects going, I really need to complete something! Anyway, this is a small scrappy quilt with my civil war repros. I have had my eye on the pattern for  awhile and the civil war eras have been calling my name so it was a perfect fit.  Here is stage 1- 4 patches!

And now they are coming together like this....

But after having this sit on the design wall I decided I didn't like the white so I am replacing it with brown. I am eliminating brown stars entirely - because you won't see them against a brown backrground - and doing them each a different color. More pics soon - happy quilting everyone!


  1. What! I like that just fine. Maybe I should make that one.

  2. It looks nice. Keep going forward. I like you design