Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Block Swap Adventure has Begun!

I joined the Block Swap Adventure (see side button) where I will sew a block for someone else and receive one in return. I have never done a blog Block Swap so this will be lots of fun. My block partner for January is already on top of her game and already sent me my block. See....

Isn't it awesome! I am going for a civil war scrappy, cause you just can't go wrong with civil war prints, not possible. I'll mix them with some blocks I make, maybe an applique center surrounded by a scrappy border. Just thinking about the possibilities makes me happy. Now I am off to sew my partners block - I plan to get it done this week so she can have it ASAP.

On a side note, I got my results back for my final exam. I passed section A with flying colors and then totally biffed it on section B.
I mean TOTAL COMPLETE FACEPLANT. Not pretty. This is a major disappointment. I have a chance to repeat that section so I will be studying like crazy. This has shaken my confidence a bit and I am literally sick to my stomach with the thought that I may not pass and all this effort will have no clear payoff. I share this here, where it is safe, because I need to say it somewhere.


  1. With "A" out of the way, you should be able to take on "B" and knock its socks off.I'll add you to my prayer list just to play it safe.

  2. Very good thoughts and prayers are being sent to you for your next pass at that exam .... good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts!! Best wishes and fingers crossed :)

  3. This time you know what to study for! It's like having a sneak peek. You can do it this time! You are a very smart girl! Good luck!