Saturday, October 16, 2010

And the winner is.....

The winner of these lovely jelly rolls - thanks to an online random number generator is....... (drum roll, horns, confetti).....#184 Terry of Terry's Treasures - congratulations! What a fun 2 weeks it has been!  I think I checked out everyone's blogs and added lots to my Reader list. And I had alot of fun reading all the comments to this giveaway - A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here getting ready for winter. Leaves have been raked, bushes trimmed and firewood stacked. Most of my quilt time has been prep work, or shop hopping - I bought the loveliest layer cake by Moda, Alliance (civil war reproductions) and a stack of what I refer to as "moderns", those wonderful wild stylistic prints.  I really think they should have their own name. I am drooling over the new Tula Pink line Plume- I want them all! They are just arriving in my LQS and I now realize I should have just bought some fat quarters online - then I could have been admiring them for the last several months right here, in my own little hannys, instead of constantly having to wipe the drool off by keyboard! And no, I still don't have them!  September was my birthday month and I went a little overboard (I know none of you can relate to that) and have imposed a little self control, not a lot mind you, but a little and am refraining from more purchases until 2 quilt tops are pieced, maybe. :>) I went to the NorthWest Quilt Expo and am sharing some favs -

I thought this quilt was way too cool. I love the way she made these shadow blocks in the corners, like smokey wisps of the design at the center. Here is a closeup...

And the quilting is just to die for!
This one is a perfect example of how the blocks and the quilting come together to make a whole design. I am trying to shift my thinking from quilts as blocks and fabric where quilting is something that is added later to one where the quilting is something that is integral to the design.  It is a thought process shift for me, good brain exercise!
Have a great quilty week all! And maybe if I get my fingers in gear I will have another post for Design Wall Monday...... Now where did I put my needle??????


  1. Thank you Michelle! I love those colors! And thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts too! :0)

  2. Congratulations Terry, I have been to your blog I am sure you will make something lovely with the fabric!!

    Thank you Michelle for having the giveaway.

    The quilts are STUNNING. I love the first one. Gorgeous!

    Ann Flowers

  3. Hi Michelle ..please confirm for stash..haven't heard from you and don't see any draft copy..just want to know if you will still be posting as scheduled...thanks msamm