Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall into Fall Giveaway!

Yep, that's right it is giveaway time! I've never done one before but couldn't stand it and just HAD to join in on the fun. On October 1 I will be posting pics of my giveaway along with alot of other quilters and companies.

If you are interested in participating head on over to to check out the participants so far.

On the quilty front I don't have much new to show, I am making Christmas gifts for my small quilt group Gone to Pieces so can't show finishes (they might see!). But instead will show some pictures from my Guild's quilt show this year......

Isn't this amazing!

This is a little too country for me but the applique is beautiful!
There are some really talented appliquers in the Guild....

and just look at the quilting!  (Drool, Drool wipe keyboard).  There are some incredibly talented people here! Man, I really wish I could quilt like that.

The lighting wasn't really good at our new location and these pics were all taken with my Iphone.  I need to get better at the whole picture taking thing but overall the pictures weren't bad. I hope you enjoyed the eye candy and check out the giveaway!

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