Sunday, August 8, 2010

SlowPoke Quilters

Today I joined the Slow Poke quilters. I too love everything about the quilting process. I love it so much, my least favorite part is the binding, because once it is on the quilt is done.  After that the quilt frequently departs (sigh) but, on to the other quilts awaiting my attention!  Here is one such quilt.  Made for my niece Amanda upon her graduation.  (Sometimes I see the quilt in the background at her apartment when she posts about her friends or something on facebook - I am thrilled she likes it!)


  1. I like the fabrics in your quilt.
    Binding-blek! just don't like it.

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  3. Hello fellow Slow Poke! See how slow I am? I'm only just now popping around to say hi, follow your blog and have a peek at what you are up to!

    That's quite a radical quilt you made for your niece! Yes, if it turns up in her photos, she must love it!

    ~ Ronda