Thursday, July 8, 2010

A whole month!!!!

AAACK! It has been a whole month since my last post!  In my defense, school ended 5/16, followed by 2 weeks away visiting family and then my child's birthday 7/5 which included a week long visit from his Grandpa (my Dad) who sleeps in my quilt room.  Which I think excuses my tardy blogging, maybe. 

On to quilty stuff - I joined the Between Friends quilt along and here is my nearly completed quilt:
This little quilt is so cute - Thank you Charming Girls and Guys club! This was my first quilt along and it was so fun!  So much fun in fact, that when the CG&GC opened up for new members I signed up!  I just hope I am in time and the club isn't full.  In the event it isn't full and I am among the lucky members, we are challenged to post goals so here goes: 

July/Aug goals
  1. Complete my online Medical transcription course by July 30th.
  2. Take number 1 son to the zoo and sign up for swim lessons.
  3. Finish: Scrappy log cabin (currently a WIP), string quilt, and begin my BOM Floribunda.
  4. Sleep.
We are also challenged to do some self care. Well, I passed the big 40 a couple of years back and recently was told I have hypertension, so I am on a big kick to get healthy. I researched every natural thing I could do to address hypertension (banana daily, green tea, apple cider vineger, red wine and yoga) did them all and am happy to say my BP is consistently 110/70 WOOOHOOO! Now I am pressing on to lose some weight by doing palates and removing pop and desserts from the diet. Tally Hoo! Onward to success! And remember, if at first you don't succeed, eat a cookie! ( a very tiny one)


  1. your between friends quilt is adorable. Kudos to you and getting the BP under control.

  2. Love your BCF quilt .... beautiful and good for you for getting this far :) Atleast you've got a couple of goals down ... I have yet to get them beyond the few brain cells holding them within my skull .... :) Good job!