Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the design wall...

The Primitive stars applique blocks are complete.  Here they are up on the design wall.  One row isn't lining up sashing wise so I will need to take it apart and redo.  Then it is on to the borders!  I am not to sure about what to do yet - It is already rather large so I think the borders will be simple before this quilt grows any bigger.

BTW - I did get the friendship blocks quilt done and will post it soon.


  1. Hey Michelle! Nice to meet you. I love your prim stars quilt and your friendship blocks, looking forward to seeing that quilt!
    Thanks for visiting me. I try to use my blog as a quilt journal too!

  2. Hi Michelle, love the stars. I understand about the sashing, that's why I love cornerstones so much! We need to connect and meet up sometime next week if you can do it. :-)

  3. So I finally get around to checking out your Stash Manicure post and (I'm so embarrassed) I already read it and commented. blushing like a hotflash!

  4. That's really pretty! Love those stars!